Mike has been playing bass for about thirty years now, and has almost got it right. Has played in a variety of bands of all styles, from big band to heavy rock, and also occasionally appears in an acoustic duo with Kaz. Previously played in two bands with Steve - Caprice and The Length.

Age: Child of the space age (just)
Favourite radio show: The Now Show
Favourite television show: Doctor Who
Favourite DJ: Any that haven't been arrested yet
  • Sei Original headless fretless 5-string bass
  • Antoniotsai 5-string fretted bass
  • Warwick Buzzard bolt-on 5-string fretted bass
  • Line 6 G50 wireless
  • Zoom MS60B and B3 multieffects units
  • Tecamp Puma 900 amplifier
  • Bargantino AE-112 (2)
  • Kinsman guitar stool (necessary since a bad motorcycle accident in 2001)
Other stuff: Mike likes his motorcycles and has a vast collection of Triumphs
He also has his own web page
He has appeared on television a few times - with a former band in Telethon '90, and assisting the SMIDSY team to magnificent defeat in Robot Wars and Techno Games.
mike of lightning tamworth midlands rock covers band with sei original bass

Adopting best Rock God pose

mike of lightning solihull midlands rock covers band riding triumph tiger round cadwell park

Demonstrating useful post-gig escape skills

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