Kaz has always been a singer - singing in the bath, singing in the kitchen, the aisle in the supermarket… However, she had never thought of doing it with a band or on a stage. In the 70s, Kaz and Mike were teenage sweethearts, and 25 years later they got back together. One summer night in 2004 Mike happened to hear Kaz's kitchen repertoire. He convinced her to go to an open mic night at The Roadhouse, and her singing career was launched. When The Lightning's original vocalist Andy went AWOL, she was recruited as his replacement with minimal use of force, all well within United Nations guidelines.

Age: Young at heart
Favourite radio station: Kerrang!
Favourite television show: Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory
Favourite DJ: Loz, Keith, or Kate
Equipment: Finely tuned vocal cords
Other stuff: Married to Mike. Which is just as well, because he's married to her. Face it, if they weren't married, you'd have to assume she was a stalker.
Loves & Likes:
  • My son who is training to be a chef
  • Chocolate!!!!!
  • Classic British motorbikes
  • Leather trousers…especially with nice bums in them
  • Singing with three of the greatest musicians I know (that must be what she does on her nights off)
  • Making my friends and family smile and laugh
  • Selfish and arrogant people
  • Seeing my friends and family ill or in pain
  • Not doing a good job when I know I can do better
  • Being sad or seeing those I love sad
karen fleming lightning lead vocalist
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