Carl has been performing in bands since the tender age of 18. Over the last 30 years (or so), he has performed the length and breadth of the Midlands and beyond in many groups, but most notably as one half of the very successful Time Warp duo for over 10 years.

Favourite radio show: I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
Favourite television show: (Another) Thunderbirds fan
Favourite DJ: I was told they don't have DJ's on the radio any more… they're too busy scratchin'
  • PRS Custom 24 guitar
  • PRS Swamp Ash Special 25th Anniversary Guitar
  • Fender Stratocaster Guitar
  • Encore 6 string Electro-acoustic guitar
  • Marshall VSX 100 combo amplifier
  • Fender Princeton amplifier
  • Boss GT10 Multi-Effects Unit
  • Beyer SM250 / Shure SM57 mics
  • A shed load (literally) of other stuff!
Other stuff: When not playing his guitar, Carl likes to spend time with his family or trying to hit a little white ball around 400 yards into a 4 inch hole, despite being told several times that this is not the correct way to play squash. Whenever opportunities arise, Carl also likes to support the SANDS (Stillbirth And Neo-natal Death) charity.
carl of lightning tamworth midlands rock covers band with sei original bass

Checking the location of the nearest fire exit

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